Sunday, 15 May 2011

That does it for the BBC!

I am totally outraged this evening, having accidentally watched the BBC news.  Yes it really was an accident.

Perhaps you have noticed previous posts suggesting that the (balanced and unbiased) BBC supports UK government policies and reports the news accordingly.  This is a minority government, supported by 36 Liberal Democrat  MPs who have completely betrayed their party, as reported by disappointed party member Jennie Rigg on this week's episode (#84) of the excellent Pod Delusion.

Where do the words 'compliant quisling' deserve to go this evening?  It is not just the disingenuous turncoat, Nick Clegg - but all the LibDem MPs.

Tonight the BBC took the trouble - believe it or not - to report that 350 people protested outside parliament that the government cuts were not large enough.  They made a point of mentioning that some people actually do support the government.

Yes! 350! That is not a typing error.  Three hundred and fifty people!

That is 50 people more than the 300 who remained in Trafalgar Square just a few weeks ago after 400,000 people had gone home peacefully.  400,000 who took a whole day of their free time to protest against the government cuts!  350 is about the number of people who were quietly shopping in my local Sainsburys at that moment, and fewer than the number in Tesco.

Democracy . . . ?

BBC . . . obviously the voice of the minority government!  (Spit!!!)

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