Saturday, 21 May 2011

Magnitude 6.5 earthquake today

Being the day of The Rapture (as I'm sure you all know if you have been following me this week), we were led to believe that there would be huge earthquakes all around the world.

Well, there was quite a big one this morning.  Magnitude 6.5 would normally get reported wouldn't it?  But in this case it was in the south atlantic, thereby causing little devastation.

False alarm again?  But will this damage the reptuation of that false prophet, Camping?  I suspect not for the following reason.

In James Randi's classic work "Flim Flam", the fourth 'hallmark of paranormal chicanery' probably applies. 

"Faults discovered in the story or performance tend to prove the phenomenon real, it is agreed, since a clever trickster would not make such basic errors!"

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