Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Judgement Day this week!

Not wishing to get you worried, I wonder whether you have noticed that the second coming is due in three days time - according to some American religiot called Harold Camping - who has calculated that "Judgement Day is May 21, 2011".  At least he has been thoughtful enough to consider what will happen to the rest of us after 21st May, after he has been whisked up to heaven.  He says " I have scheduled new posts to come out between May 21st and October 21st 2011, that will help those dealing with the End Times of the Apocalypse."

It is not entirely clear how he has worked this out, but on that day, exactly 7000 years after the flood, Christ will return to earth and take all the 'saved' up to heaven, leaving the rest of us on earth to suffer 'the tribulation' for exactly 5 months, until the end of the world.  One thing is obvious - he has not used the calendar developed by Archbishop Ussher as mentioned in a previous post When was the flood?

Let's just hope that he is wrong - or else a lot of people I know are  . . . well . . . in for a bit of a rough time!  If I wake up on that morning and find the house empty, my first thought might be that I slept in too long and the rest of the family (all christian) are now at work or school.  However, then the earthquakes might get me worried as we are not accustomed to them in rural Oxfordshire.

The twittersphere offers some thoughts on this topic.  A twitter user under the name of Good_Beard (also known as Hope without God) tweeted "I don't understand the claim that after the rapture there'll be wars because after the religious nuts have gone most of the causes will go."

RosaRubicondior (aka Rosa Rubicondior) tweeted "Looking forward to a #Christian-free world on 22 May when Christians finally realise how gullible they are. #Atheism #ThinkingOptimistically"

I wish it was that simple.  Most of the christians I know are dismissing Camping's calculation just as readily as I do.  One question remains then.  If they didn't believe Camping and 'The Rapture' does happen, will they be saved?

Would anyone like me to look after their valuables and investments for them?

p.s.  As of this moment, "The Rapture Index" is sitting at a nice toasty score of 182.  That is well into the 'fasten your seat belts' range.

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