Sunday, 1 May 2011

Gerin Oil - the acceptable face of soft drugs?

An old friend (well . . . not all that old but I have known him for a long time) and regular reader of this blog has brought an article to my attention.  So here is an extra post for Sunday 1st May.  I am sure that you can guess from this linked (2006) article from Richard that his IQ is higher than average as the humour is rather high-brow.  However, I am certain that the same applies to all my readers so I am not afraid to share the fun.

Gerin oil, sometimes written geriniol is of course an anagram of 'religion'.  It is proposed by the famous Richard Dawkins as a fictional drug that makes people do irrational and self-destructive things.  In Dawkins' satirical description, users are often introduced to the "drug" at social gatherings such as weddings and funerals. In small amounts it is considered by most observers to be harmless, but as usage increases it is said to cause a disconnect with reality where users expect private wishes to come true.  In even higher doses users may experience spasmodic muscular movements and aural or visual hallucinations.

Small note:
This is not aimed at anyone in particular so I hope she manages to see the funny side of this satire!

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