Sunday, 27 March 2011

On the performance of the BBC

With regard to the march in central London today:

  • It is my impression that the BBC downplays any criticism of the government
  • I feel that they dwell on the sensational stuff in Trafalgar Square last night
  • 399,700 people are back at home peacefully - vs 300 left in Trafalgar Square
Who gets on the late-night news?  Answer - the 300.

Let's hope for cutbacks that eliminate the BBC!  Spokesperson for the UK government or what??


Little Miss Joey said...

It seems to me this is a problem on general reporting rather than specific issues with this march. If we look at how the nuclear incident has been portrayed in the media, we'd be thinking the end of the world has happened and we may just have missed it.

Intermittent Scan said...

The BBC is fast becoming utterly irrelevant.

Plasma Engineer said...

Not irrelevant - but possibly dangerous to democracy. The way they phrase their reports about anything anti-government is getting a bit frightening. It wouldn't matter so much if you knew that the BBC was owned by a big media tychoon. But the way it claims to be fair and balanced and independent is positively disingenuous.

When did you ever hear the BBC present the Chinese view on the topic of Tibet? I never have.

The Japanese nuclear incident is indeed a good example too. What about the tens of thousands killed by the tsunami? I have invited a friend to write a guest post on this topic on the blog. I hope she has been thinking about it.