Monday, 2 May 2011

Men and beards - and P Z Myers

I just saw a tweet from P Z Myers of Pharyngula fame.  (PZ is normally pronounced Pee Zee except by Richard Dawkins who seems determined to stick to 'Pee Zed'.) It was about how someone told him that he 'grew old and grew a beard'.

Now some of my friends don't like my beard, but as I always tell them, all men have beards.  (Note that, not being a competitive sort of chap, I didn't say that all real men have beards, however tempting that might have been).

Its just that some of us choose not to shave them off every day.

(PZ is not even old - so exactly what sense is to be made of the 'accusation' anyway?)

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Kenny said...

I agree with Dawkins! Pee Zed!