Saturday, 21 May 2011

From The World's End

Follow this link for a tongue in cheek report about the Rapture arriving at a pub called "The World's End" last night, by James O'Malley of the Pod Delusion.

I think it is clear what has happened.  None of the people alive today have been saved, and all those pious individuals who died throughout history have been resurrected.

Or maybe the Jehovah's Witnesses were right all along.  Don't they teach that only 144,000 will be saved.  In today's world of 7 billion, who would notice?

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Anonymous said...

I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness. I'm an atheist now. The 144,000 are referred to as the 'anointed class'. The 144,000 are men and women who have been chosen to rule in heaven with Jesus as King. Jesus’ apostles are included within this number. Why would Jesus and God need 144,000 people to help them rule the earth from heaven? So according to the witnesses, God created Jesus first, and Jesus helped him out creating the universe. And they believe there’s billions, maybe trillions of angels... and they need 144,000 humans to help rule they earth? Madness. And as for everyone on earth, after Armageddon there will be a resurrection, and then a 1000 year period and at the end of that Satan will be released upon the earth to turn as many people as he can to the dark side! Crazy shit my friend. The delusions of primate’s never get boring!