Friday, 20 May 2011

Draw Mohammed Day

May 20th is the second annual "Draw Mohammed Day".  I always smile when I see someone claim that something is the second annual event, as what they really mean is that it happened only once before and they would like you to believe that they will not lose interest in the idea before next year at least.

Reading a little bit about the subject of drawings of Mohammed, I find that there are many good cartoons around.  Some are perhaps a little offensive, but not by any means as offensive as the attempted murder of Kurt Westergaard for drawing some rather  thoughtful images.  How was he to know that some extremist would add two additional (highly) inflammatory and offensive cartoons and publish all of them in Egypt under his name. 

Not wishing to provoke the wrath of the Islamic Army of Oxfordshire, I decided to avoid showing any of them here . . . with the exception of the one above.

However, in the interests of free speech, you might follow the links at this venerable and respectable site, Richard, where you could join me in righteous indignation and disapproval of the slide show of awful offensive images.

Incidentally - wouldn't it be funny if it is islamists who manage to introduce a new human right - the right not to be offended!

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