Friday, 6 May 2011

Take the hint Clegg!

After the Liberal Democrats' appalling performance in the UK local elections yesterday, calls are already going out for the resignation of their worst ever leader, Nick Clegg.

Last year, Richard Dawkins described Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal as a 'compliant quisling', but how much more appropriate is that expression for the disingenuous Nick Clegg?

For the first time in a generation, his party has had an opportunity to  influence the old-boys network of the British establishment, and he has wasted that chance by going against virtually every election promise that he made.  Whether it was the one about student tuition fees or his acquiescence to proposing the 'lame duck' reform of the Alternative Vote (albeit better than the current system), Clegg has let us down badly.  We await the result of the referendum of course, but there is no doubt that the No2AV campaign has confused and frightened a lot of voters very successfully.  I blame Clegg for failing us in this regard.

Meanwhile his Lib Dem colleague, Vince Cable, has been in charge of the Department for 'Banning Innovation and Science', (BIS).  (That is a kind of UK joke by the way - officially it is Business Innovation and Science.) 

This might have been a lame joke, but it is not as lame as the performance of the Lib Dems.  Clegg must go - or else why would any of us vote Lib Dem ever again.

Small note: Sorry for re-using this picture.  It seemed even more appropriate today.

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