Monday, 16 May 2011

Look out! Sharia about!

If you don't know what this is about, you haven't been watching or listening to the news last weekend.  Does he deserve the acid in his eyes?  Or just in one eye as (apparently) a man is worth twice as much as a woman (at least when acting as a witness).  Should he have anaesthetic, and indeed why shouldn't he have acid thrown on his whole face (or half of it) like his poor victim.

This is one good reason why we should never allow sharia law to be implemented in any form in Britain (although of course I acknowledge Scotland's right to be different if it chooses.)  Not having sharia here should ensure that we never have to make a decision about the options above.  I'm not suggesting that things like this are known to be happening in Britain (yet) and nor am I complaining that Iran has decided to use another form of law for its own citizens, on its own sovereign territory.  But creeping Islam seems to be omnipresent.

In 2008, The Times reported "Revealed: UK’s first official sharia courts", although they have been running since as long ago as 1982.  These courts are permitted to rule even on matters of domestic violence - which surely is a subject that should be dealt with in real courts according to the real laws of this country.  Many people are concerned about coercion, particularly for women who 'agree' to submit to judgement in Islamic courts.

It is not as if British laws do not already exist and not as if Britain is a country where we have too few laws.  Tolerance of other cultures is one matter, and one that Britain can justifiably claim with pride, but when those other cultures are allowed to work legally against the laws of the country I feel that that tolerance has gone too far.


Dobbin said...

Apparently the punishment is due to be carefully administered by medical staff in a Tehran hospital - oh well, that's all right then...

Anonymous said...

let her blind him