Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More from Guatemala

One of the most popular posts so far was on 27th April, about  the almost incredible 'sink holes' that appear periodically in Guatemala City.

Here is another photo of the 2010 event which appeared on 1st June (or thereabouts) during a tropical storm called Agatha.

Just for comparison, you can see that these events are not unique to Guatemala. Not very far away (on a galactic scale at least) on the Sarisariñama Plateau, Venezuela, there are some older looking sink holes that are about 350m in diameter.

And if you prefer a marine environment . . .

The "Great Blue Hole" is an underwater sink hole in Belize.  Would you feel vertigo if you were in that boat going over the edge of the hole?

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Little Miss Joey said...

Amazing images...! Made me want to know more about these sink holes... fascinating!