Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Do You Want to Convert an Atheist?

I thought this was so good that I just had to borrow it and bring it to your attention.  See the end of the post for attribution.

If you want to convert an Atheist your task should be simple.  Atheists believe in evidence; our opinions are based on it and when the evidence changes, or we discover new evidence, we change our opinions.  We have no sacred dogmas which can't be questioned; no tenets of 'faith' to which we must subscribe. 

This should make us very easy to convert.

All you need is authenticated, incontrovertible evidence that your god exists and your evidence only needs to pass a few simple tests which, presumably, you believe it's already passed
  • You will need to explain why your evidence is evidence ONLY for your god and not any other.  Since people have believed in an estimated 3000 different gods in recorded human history, obviously you will need to show why your evidence couldn't be evidence for any of those.
  • You will also need to explain how a god is the ONLY possible explanation for your evidence and why it can't possibly be explained as the result of a natural process.
Now, since, presumably, you were convinced of your god's existence by just such evidence, it shouldn't be too difficult to tell us Atheists where it's to be found and how it meets the above criteria.

In your own time....

(p.s.  Opinion isn't evidence and nor is a quote from a book unless the quote refers to authenticated, observable evidence meeting the above criteria).

So writes Rosa Rubicondior on her popular blog (where she specifically does give permission for her work to be reproduced without permission).  Read the (incredible?) comments that she has provoked  by clicking here


Sacerdotus said...

Rosa's blog post is debunked here: http://sacerdotvs.blogspot.com/2012/06/rosa-rubicondior-evidence-gaffe.html

Rosa Rubicondior said...

Is it more than a coincidence that you failed to put your evidence on my blog where people could check for themselves and see that it neither meets the stated criteria nor debunks the blog.

Hint: making an excuse is not the same thing as debunking. You appear to have confused two entirely different common English words.