Saturday, 23 July 2011

Texas evolves at last!

Who would have thought it?  The Texas Board for Education has finally voted on the 'controversial' topic of the teaching of evolution in high schools in the state.  The most surprising thing of all is that the vote was unanimously in favour of evolution.  Maybe that is evidence that evolution is taking place in Texas!

By 8 votes to none, they approved scientifically based supplements to biology text books and rejected supplements based on so-called 'intelligent design'.

Does this matter?  Why would anyone else care what they decide?

It matters because Texas is the state that has most influence over schooling in the whole of the USA.  Whatever gets approved in Texas tends to get adopted in the other states.

Anything that introduces the Fact of Evolution to millions of young people in US must be a good thing. 

Read more at Victory for evolution in Texas

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