Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ask the pigs!

News has broken in Oxford this week that the new Centre for Islamic Studies is being built on controversial ground.  This building is the latest addition to Oxford's 'dreaming spires'.  What would Inspector Morse have made of this new centre for taqqiyah - an extension perhaps than the closed ranks around the good old 'friendly' colleges in the city which conspired to defeat him in his inquiries.

It has been rumoured for a little while that the site was previously a pig farm, but at last a map has been found which may confirm the urban myth to be true.  Read more about the story at this link.

Everyone I know seems to find this story ironic (and remember that in England irony is funny).  The registrar of the new centre had no comment. 

Nobody seems to be concerned about what the pigs might think of it.  Don't pigs have human rights too?  Their ancestral lands have been taken over by a culture that considers them unclean.

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