Sunday, 5 June 2011

Evolution video - Jack Szostak

Browing around the Richard Dawkins site on a warm early summer afternoon, (while sheltering from the copious quantities of pollen that have suddenly emerged), I found a thread started by a 17 year old French student, A few questions of biology and the origins of life.

Buried in the dozens of comments and replies (some better than others as usual), there was a link to this amazing video on the work of Nobel laureate Dr Jack Szostak.  He and fellow researchers Carol Greider and Elizabeth Blackburn shared the Nobel Prize for medicine Monday for their research into how chromosomes protect themselves from degrading when cells divide.

If you have nine minutes to spare to see how much science is embedded behind the theory of evolution and disproving new earth creationism this is the most condensed stream of information that I have yet seen.  Click the link below this picture.

The list of evidence is huge.  Great music too! (I wonder what it was.)  That led me to another Szostak inspired video about Abiogenesis - how life could have come about on the primordial earth due to well undertood chemistry and physics.  A link to that is coming soon


Dobbin said...

The music is Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Liszt. According to the Shazam app on my iPhone ;-)

Dobbin said...

(A memorable performance of this piece can be seen at:

Plasma Engineer said...

Thanks Dobbin. I appreciate the link. Lovely music isn't it?

Anonymous said...

micro evolution exists macro evolution not so as different species can not mate to produce new spices such as Ligons(lion and tigers)which are already from a closely realated species) it is very hard for them to reproduce but when they have they are sterile and cannot reprduce and create a new species if macro evolution is correct there would be new species being constantly created but it is the exact opposite slowly more and more spiecs are being extint & lowering in numbers.

evolution leads to death. do u not think that there is more to our existance than that?

As for the homolgous structures that just shows that thier are similarites between species which for he show that they have been created by the same creater, you see this in the was electrons revolve around in atoms and teh way the world revolves around the sun.

with stratography and rock layers they date them by using circular reasoning: the rocks are dated by the fossil layers in the rock and the fossils are dated by the rock layers and they do find fossil in "incorrect layers" they have also found human hand and footprints in these layers. they are also tree remains that stand upright that go through these "billions" of years old rock layers which fill in for noahs flood as when you have different types of dirt in a jar with water and you shake it it settles down in layers.

A for dating methods scientists have dated new objects and have been given absolutley reductious dates and did you know it doesnt take hundreds of years for objects to become pertriefied sneakers have been pertrified as well as a buch of other objects.

just think a couple of hundred years ago australia was not even discoverd and this back a nother couple of hundred and another humas history does not really go back very far at all.

Thats just some food for thought. I recomend that you do some research on the other side of the argument aswell :)

and are you going to deny my uncle being healed of cancer when he was 60 on his death bead looking as pale and sickly riddled with tumours all through his body. We all prayed for him and God healed him and he passed the tumours and now he looks heathy as anything and doctors are amazed at his medical records. can evolution explain that.

Lindy said...

check out this image

Arno said...

Reply to anonymous (1st comment)

1st paragraph is too hard to read, meaningless?

evolution leads to death : wrong again. Life ends by death : yes. No there is nothing "more" to our existence after that, if u're expecting some magic place after death then good luck.

As for your uncle, maybe your doctor can explain it, but I doubt you would understand.

if you have child, please, send them to school, one in which science is teached, for a start.