Tuesday, 12 July 2011

An owl, not an angel!

This surprising imprint of an owl on a window appeared in northern England recently.  No owls were harmed in making this picture - although no doubt it was a little surprised too.

Read on via BBC Cumbria.


Luke Scientiae said...

"No owls were harmed..."

I wonder why this isn't said of Jesus for pics like the famous one of his face on toast:


gingembre30 said...

Hi Plasma Engineer
This is not the place for a comment like this, but I would like to challenge you for a debate on gravity laws:
thank you

Plasma Engineer said...

@ Luke I think the myth that Jesus was harmed is part of the story. I wonder how they knew that was Jesus, not just a hippy. :)

Plasma Engineer said...

@gingembre30 I had a glance at that interesting page. Let's start with the Pioneer Anomaly. I think I read somewhere that - at last - it had been solved a few months ago. Maybe at the weekend I can look up the reference. So if that one has indeed been solved, what does that say for the others? We don't understand gravity - yet. I can live with that. It is part of the amazing mystery of the universe.

gingembre30 said...

haha. of course we can live with that! as people have lived with the idea that earth is planar! It's just something which if understood, will certainly revolutionise science => technology => space travel => our lives => and kill a little bit more religions :)
thank you

Plasma Engineer said...

Here is the link to the interesting new interpretation of the Pioneer Anomaly. In actual fact, if you read this article carefully you can see that it contains errors. e.g. in the third paragraph it give a figure in metres per second - suggesting a velocity. In actual fact this should be an acceleration - in metres per second squared. The number is correct though. Journalists! :)


Plasma Engineer said...

Back to the actual topic for this page, here is another example of the same thing:


Shane said...

Thanks for the link! It was the owl story that came to mind when the stoopid bird flew into the window. I think it was a pigeon; didn't get a good enough look.

BTW, re the Pioneer anomaly, yes, that has been solved. Not many people holding out any hope of gravity being broken. Personally I think the whole thing (strong, weak, EM, gravity) is explained by a pseudo-3D lattice universe where "particles" are just vertices in the lattice. I've posted on this, so that counts as a paper in the world of physics, eh? ;-)