Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Crop formations in trees?

For a few years I have heard rumours that 'crop formations must be caused by aliens because they have been found in trees' (in Canada I think).  Yes - apparently the appearance of a vaguely similar pattern, in trees, half way round the world makes complete sense of the patterns found in fields of wheat in southern England.

Having had a few posts about crop formations recently, I did a google search to see whether I could find pictures of this phenomenon.  So here it is.  A pattern that looks a bit like a crop formation, and it qualifies for inclusion on this blog because it certainly does look surprising.

I have no idea what the explanation for this is, but I would say the smart money is probably not on the alien hypothesis.

Source of this photo: Enormous tree-circles (like crop-circles) were discovered in the Wabikon lake forest (Wisconsin).  (I actually think it is a Photoshop job as the water in the furthest circle seems sloped.)  You can see this lake on Google maps too.  I couldn't spot any circles like this.  Can you?

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Dobbin said...

Either Photoshop or an over-enthusiastic landscape architect?

Anonymous said... is a website for photoshopping contests.

shemelder said...

Check 40deg 32.606minN by 76deg 37.463min W, south of Williamstown for real tree circles. Rather old and overgrown. Haven't found out anything yet...

Dr. Luciano Azevedo said...

The crop circles are not only in the plantations, but also in trees and ice.

Anonymous said...

I have personally seen one 40 ft in circumference. The trees were 20 ft tall but broken 10 ft up in circular pattern in northwest Missouri