Friday, 8 July 2011

Patronising posts - and Paul

Apparently yesterday I was a bit patronising and condenscending while dissecting the comment that someone left anonymously on my post about Yahweh.  Two friends have separately mentioned that it was not very nice of me.  While not quite apologising for that I will at least explain.

My degree is in physics.  Although I never claimed to be very good at physics (honestly) I do at least know a little bit about the implications of the laws of thermodynamics.  I'm happy to have anonymous comments on the blog . . . BUT . . .  I would respectfully request that real science is used instead of pseudo-science and scientism.  The 2nd law of thermodynamics was explained much more eloquently by Luke Scientiae, who also left a comment about the dragon that Carl Sagan kept in his garage.

Meanwhile, I have been watching a movie which I didn't expect to enjoy.  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's 'Hot Fuzz' was great but 'Run Fatboy Run' and 'Sean of the Dead' were not quite as entertaining for me.  However, I hadn't realised that their latest movie 'Paul' is full of comment about evolution and atheism in America.  It has had me laughing while writing.

Maybe I should learn a bit from the end where Paul responds to a blessing "God be with you" with the casual reply "Yeah . . . whatever dude, sure!"

I vote for Paul as the atheist movie of the year.

Small note: Not sure I can do that when people use scientism though.  I suppose the message is that if you prefer me not to be patronising then perhaps you should not leave scientistic comments for me to be patronising about.

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