Friday, 22 July 2011

Piggy Irony

Wouldn't it be ironic if this came true.  Here is a link to an article about how pig farms can be used to generate fuel - as well as pork.

Can Pigs help end our dependency on muslim oil?

The manure-to-oil process uses thermochemical conversion, in which heat and pressure act on organic compounds in a revved-up, tightly controlled imitation of the much longer process that occurs in nature. In order to develop a commercially viable method, the research team ditched the catalyst required by the conventional process, and they figured out a way to keep pig hair and dander from fouling the equipment. The team also skipped the conventional first step, which would be to dewater the manure. Instead, their process uses raw manure containing 80% water. The use of raw manure requires more heat to activate the conversion, but the researchers note that could be captured and recycled with a heat exchanger.

I could never be a muslim.  This is for many reasons, but in this context the main factor is that pork is easily my favorite meat!  That is a little tricky if you want to join islam.

If pigs can help to save the world from islam as well as tasting so great, that would be wonderfully ironic.

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Anonymous said...

you shouldn't talk about any case you even don't know. i don't know why you hate muslims but your all posts are about mocking islam and muslims. you should stop i think. just try to be respectful to others. you are not the only right, good, smart person all over the world. should notice that. i still respect your really weird ideas and thoughts.

Derby Sceptic said...

If you felt you had a point, why did you not identify yourself?

P.E.'s posts are not all about mocking muslims and islam by any measure. There are a range of topics, some of which do cover atheism and religion but I see no focus on islam or mockery.

P.E. may question religious beliefs, but I think they respect the right of others to believe what they wish providing it is not harmful.