Wednesday, 20 July 2011

250 Surprising Things

This is the 250th post on the Something Surprising blog, and it is now frequently getting 50 visits per day.  To celebrate the occasion, and for the benefit of some of the newer readers, here are the 5 posts that have proved most popular.

In 5th place, on a physics/philosophy topic:

Death of a photon  (16th June, 201 page views)

4th place

Bursting the bubble (8th April, 234 page views)

3rd place

Horus and Jesus (12th June, 252 page views)

2nd place:

Sink Holes! (27th April, 294 page views)

and perhaps surprisingly (because I felt that I was being a little silly while writing this), by far the most the most popular post so far is:

A school of Darwin Fish (15th June, 417 page views)

A big thank you to all my readers.  I didn't expect my ramblings to be so popular but I am glad that they amuse you.

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