Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Inspiring atheists

Don't let anyone tell you that there are no prominent female atheists around!

It is not secret (even from her I think) that I am a fan of the writing of Paula Kirby.  Whenever I see that there is a new article available I am torn between the two options of 'shall I read it now?' or "shall I keep it to to savour later?"   Of course usually the answer is to do both.

Her regular articles in the Washington Post's 'On Faith' may be the most familiar, but thanks to Richard Dawkins.net I suspect that very little of her writing goes un-noticed

Her recent submission to the Hibernian Times is (unsurprisingly) no exception, and whether you are familiar with her work or not I highly recommend you to read "Breaking Out of the Prison of Religion".  Here is a small extract.

Faith is the acceptance of claims for which there is no good evidence; when someone invites you to take something on faith, they are actively telling you not to challenge it, not to question it, not to enquire whether it is really true: they are telling you to simply accept it on their say-so. And this “accepting it on their say-so” is at the very heart of Christianity. It is the only absolute requirement for salvation: that you accept — on faith — that Jesus died for your sins and took the punishment for them on your behalf. Faith is incompatible with genuine questioning. The moment you begin to question faith . . . read on

Follow the link to see what else she has to say with her usual firm clarity.

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