Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ascension Day

Today is the day when christians celebrate the visible part of the invisible magic friend being taken up to heaven.

Sitting in my (surprisingly chilly) hotel room in Barcelona I was musing that at least the first time Jesus went up to heaven it did actually happen, unlike the May 21st non-event when Mr Camping's prophecy failed to materialise.

But then I remembered!  The evidence for the historicity of Jesus is more than a little shaky.  Perhaps it didn't happen that time either, but by the time the bible was written down the story had become much more convincing than the reality.

I am here in Barcelona for a meeting that was arranged before the host realised that Ascension Day is a holiday in quite a lot of Europe.  Rather than change the date, which could have been somewhat inconvenient for those of us with our travel arrangements complete, he has decided to have two separate meetings. 

It reminded me of a recent dabble with optimism.   I  couldn't quite believe it when I was told that this particular organisation takes all decisions for political reasons, not pragmatic reasons.  Now I think I should have believed it after all!  As I often say . . . no smoke without mirrors!

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