Sunday, 11 November 2012

Things Christians say, part 39: God doesn't believe in atheists

A weekly series of responses to the things Christians say to atheists, based on the video reproduced here on 30th January 2012.  The aim is to tackle one every weekend, to give both a moderate, polite response to each question ('Piano'), followed by a more forceful rebuttal of the same question ('Forte'). 

God doesn't believe in atheists!


Trying (very hard) not to chuckle openly at this one.  Apologies for failing to come up with anything better than that.



How do you know that?  You can't.

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Next week: Eventually God (or Jesus) will touch your heart 


LadyAtheist said...

Is this a variation on "nuh huh you neither so there"?

Hilary said...

Actually I'd say the exact opposite, that God believes in you, whether you believe in Him or not :)