Thursday, 15 November 2012

The real centre of the earth

One religion teaches us that Jerusalem is the centre of the earth, while another teaches that Mecca is the centre.

What about the notion that the earth is an oblate spheroid and its real centre is in the middle, not on the surface somewhere in the middle-east?  The fact that they don't know this tells us quite a lot about their all-knowing little bronze-age gods.

Both Judeo-Christian texts and Islamic texts mention that the earth has four corners, so it is futile to claim that its writers knew that the earth was not flat.

Of course Christians claim that, for example, the Isaiah (40:23) includes a phrase 'in the circle of the earth'.  Every school child who has had a 'proper' education (which presumably excludes most Christian and indeed Islamic scholars) is fully aware that a circle and a sphere are different in the fundamentals of their geometry - 2D vs 3D. 

Some supposed scholars of Islam claim that the Koran tells us that the earth is the shape of an ostrich egg - which of course is wrong, even if it was translated correctly.  Others claim the passage to describe the action of an ostrich to flatten the sand after it has hidden its egg, confirming the metaphor of the flat earth.  This is the only apparent 'evidence' that it was known that the earth is broadly spherical.  Little do they know that they are also showing their own ignorance (and probably using deliberate taqiyya) by making this claim.

But their ignorance is confirmed beyond doubt by the claim that Mecca is the centre.  This makes it completely and unambiguously obvious that they, like Judeo-Christians are indulging in two-dimensional thinking, shooting themselves in the foot with their claim about the three-dimensional revelation that Allah/YHWH/God is supposed to have imparted.

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