Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The world breathes a sigh of relief!

To my American readers, I hope you realise that you have made the world feel happier and safer by re-electing Obama.  Well done.

If the rest of us had had a chance to vote then it would not have been close-run, but a landslide.  After all, we are all affected by the outcome of your elections, so why shouldn't we have a say?

Romney's politics were one matter, his beliefs in an obviously-made-up religion (as opposed to the normal kind of made-up religion) were also significant.  But to cap it all, his running mate just frightened everyone.  How could the Republicans have made such poor choices in their candidates?  Couldn't they see that a less frightening pair would have got them a victory?  Everyone else could!

All in all, today we can celebrate.

And now Obama has no excuse for failing to deliver the promised improvements to the world economy that we all hope for.

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