Saturday, 24 November 2012

No women bishops - no bishops in the House of Lords

Now that the Church of England has 'shot itself in the foot' (as previously mentioned here) by voting for women bishops, but not quite decisively enough, it is time for us all to take appropriate action.

If you are a British Citizen and are a regular reader of this blog, I hope you will feel moved to take the time to sign a petition calling for the established church to be taken to task for their obvious inequality.  This is a petition which says:

The Church of England on 20th Nov 2012 voted not to allow women to be Bishops. Though that is within its rights to do, this should worry the Government as Church of England Bishops are awarded legislative power through seats in the House of Lords. 

The Church has chosen to be a sexist organisation by refusing women the right to hold highest leadership positions and therefore should not be allowed automatic seats in the House of Lords, as this clearly does not comply with the spirit of UK Equality law. 

We call on the Govt to remove the right of the Church of England to have automatic seats in the House of Lords, in line with its commitments to equality and non-discrimination, set out in the Equality Act (2010) and the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (1979)"

Here's the link.

Small note:  For those of you who are citizens of other great nations, please see what nonsense we have to tolerate in UK!

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