Saturday, 10 November 2012

Two-headed puzzle

Following advice from French friends, this week has given the opportunity to visit a few more new places in Paris.

One asked me "Why would an Englishman want to see Napoleon's tomb?  To spit on it?" and I replied that the past is a foreign country and that I didn't need to go there to gloat any more than I boast that I went to the same school as William Wilberforce (who was instrumental in the abolition of slavery).

Two-headed, Paris, Invalides, Napoleon

You can find photos of the tomb anywhere, but this carved head provided a moment of surprise walking back out of the Hotel des Invalides.

What is the point of representing two heads in one like this?

Any ideas?  It must mean something.


Franz said...

Probably it is a representation of Heracles, and the second head is his lion skin cape.

Plasma Engineer said...

Thanks Franz - that's a good suggestion.