Sunday, 18 November 2012

Would you pray?

In the comments on a blog post from a few months ago, Anti-atheist quotes refuted, someone asked a very reasonable question, if you were stuck in a really difficult situation and there was no other way out, would you pray then?

I'm trying to remember whether I have ever found myself in this situation and if so, what I did.  Luckily, since I decisively left Christianity I have not faced this decision, but I think it is clear in my mind how I would react. 

It is not that I can be certain that there is no god - nobody can prove that.  But I feel quite sure that the Christian God is so completely implausible that there would be no point in praying to him.  Even if he did exist he doesn't have a great track record with me, even when I believed in him.  Why would that change now that I don't?

So would I choose any other deity?  I think not.  Of all the gods that I have ever heard of, none of them seem any more plausible than God with a big G.

So I think that's my answer. 

No, I wouldn't pray, whatever the situation.

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Anonymous said...

Who told you that you can't be certain that there's no god? The religious nutjobs fabricated their invisible friend and at the same time his existence couldn't be disproven (or proven in the first place.) you need someone to prove to you that he doesn't exist???

The burden of proof is on the pious morons.