Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Vexed by demons

According to Carl Sagan, in his great book "The Demon Haunted World", 1996 (p116), St Augustine was 'much vexed with demons', which prey on the 'captive and outwitted minds of men'.  These demons have a striking similarity to the activities of the aliens who seem to abduct so many Americans in these times.

Augustine believed that witches were the offspring of the forbidden unions between demons and women.  Demonic seducers of women were known as incubi, and of men succubi.

"There are cases in which nuns reported, in some befuddlement, a striking resemblance between the incubus and the priest confessor, or the bishop, and awoke the next morning to find themselves polluted just as if they had commingled with a man".

There is nothing new in the World!  Ask Pope Benedict about it.  No seriously, ask him!

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