Friday, 4 March 2011

Aid for emerging nuclear powers?

Should we, as UK tax payers, really be sending aid donations to Pakistan, a country where it seems to mean inevitable death to be a public figure who is not Islamic?  The 'religion of peace' strikes again, with the murder of the only christian in their cabinet, apparently for trying to change the country's blasphemy laws.

The thing that annoys me is that by paying my taxes I am partly subsidising a country where barbaric acts like this seem to be acceptable.  I am no happier that we are also giving aid to India.  Sorry folks, but if you can afford to develop nuclear weapons then surely you can afford to feed, clothe and even educate your people.  Of course they both could afford it but they choose not to.

Meanwhile in UK, the government is cutting back on everything except overseas aid which is ring-fenced.  Isn't it time we took a serious look at this policy?

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Nigeria the same... they have massive oil resources and the income lines pockets instead of feeding and clothing the population.

Ghana has recently discovered a massive oil field, btw. The general feeling there is 'wow, we are going to be a rich nation'.

Wish I was half a sure.

(like the blog btw)