Sunday, 13 March 2011

The UK census 2011

The time for the national census is nearly upon us, and nobody living in the UK can be unaware of the furore about a few of the questions.  A sentence containing 'storm' and 'teacup' comes to mind. 

Do I care whether the Welsh are being asked whether they speak Welsh or not.  Not a jot!  (Nor even a tittle.)  I smile as I wonder how many people in England actually speak English though.

The religion question is a little more interesting, but still hardly earth-shattering.  An article in The Guardian's series called 'Face to Faith' nicely summarises this week's 'fuss' about some posters being banned from railway stations .  You can find all three posters here.

I loved one of the comments on the Guardian page above.  Asterixorb said:

"I find signs outside churches that say things like 'Jesus saves' 
nonsensical and offensive.  Who do I report it to?".

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