Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Peace of Cod

An American christian friend has just bravely launched a new blog and I was reading the first few entries.  I was so glad to read the moving story of her daughter's first conversation and feel very happy for her.

However, her post "At his feet" described the peace of submitting yourself entirely to Jesus, and was less moving to me.  Gospel music like the linked song always did make me feel uncomfortable too - part of my de-conversion I think.

As I think she was effectively inviting me to comment, I posted a description of finding peace by escaping from the absolute tyranny of the 'less cuddly' aspects of a god like hers.  Hopefully it was polite - just as her comments here have always been courteous.  I feel I can be slightly more direct here on my own blog and can drop the capital letters for deities and religions.

I was reminded of that lovely prayer that begins "The Peace of God that passeth all understanding . . .".  I always liked it - but now I wonder whether that is partly because it indicated that the end of the service was imminent.  Those words describe my thoughts more vividly now than they ever did when I was a christian. (small c!)

Now on the other hand, the 'piece of cod' that I had for dinner this evening with chips and tartar sauce was quite delicious.

Small link: On a slightly less controversial note - see Authentic Fish and Chips - an English delicacy!


Cindy said...

Ahhh, was I enticing you to comment. You will never know! Perhaps I was just writing from my heart.
As you should know, you can use capital or non capitals for the word God, you won't offend me.
I find it intriguing that songs like that make you feel uncomfortable.
The church you attended seems to be a very formal, rule abiding church. I find those kind of churches very confining and stifling.
As for your "piece of cod", that sounds rather scrumptious but with out the tartar sauce!

Polar Bear Periodical said...

very funny. love the title. I take it cindy is the friend whose blog you are referring to?

Plasma Engineer said...

@Polar - yes indeed.