Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A righteous brawl in Bethlehem

Priests and monks in the church at the spot that is alleged to be the birth place of Jesus have always had a hard time.

For a start, it is nearly obvious that Jesus wasn't born there at all, and that they have to convince themselves and the public that this form of 'lying for Jesus' is not a sin.

But the different denominations have also had to cooperate with each other to keep the place clean, and apparently the rights to clean particular areas are jealously guarded.

It seems that they have failed to maintain their composure this week.  Armed with brooms the clergy of the Armenian and Orthodox movements have had a pitched battle.

What a way to behave in front of the public!  Apparently injuries were 'slight.


John Chapman said...

Hmm...? Haw...! Snigger... GUFFAW...!

Anonymous said...

"Apparently injuries were 'slight." Good thing 'Orthodox' and Armenian monks don't train in kungfu like Budhist monks, eh?

Plasma Engineer said...

Indeed yes. I've heard various people referring to the big fight and most of them took an ironic view of it. Mind you - survival of the fittest might be advantageous in this case - unless it evolves some cunning christians.

Anonymous said...

So much for god's muteness. How much controversy would be cleared & settled by direct intervention or modern means of communication if a god really existed & desired to unify religious beliefs. Not to mention 'his' indifference when ignoring prayers or warning about natural catastrophes. Devotees, please get your brains back!