Thursday, 26 January 2012

Protection from ridicule

Have you heard about the fuss that erupted in London a couple of weeks ago?  It was all about the use of a Jesus and Mo cartoon on a poster created by an student atheist group at University College London.

You can find the whole story here on Richard Dawkins' web site.

The strange and simple Jesus and Mo cartoons have an appearance that belies their cleverness, and I can now say that I am a devout convert.  If you have never seen them before I should explain that the invisible character is the barmaid.  She speaks more sense than the two 'stars'.  (Oh by the way . . . erm . . . Mo is short for Mohammad.  I just thought I would mention that for the sake of clarity.)

Having seen this, you might understand why my Twitter icon has recently changed in support of the right to free speech.  If Islamist Fundamentalists are allowed to get away with silencing people in UK's capital then it is clear that the future of Britain as a free democracy is being eroded at its very heart.

Here is the latest brilliant cartoon in the series.  I recommend you to visit the site and look back through the archives.

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