Monday, 30 January 2012

Celebrate honour among thieves!

If you read Up with which WE will not put on Saturday, and even one of you signed the petition linked from there, then we can each feel justly proud of our small part in influencing public life in UK.

Hints that Hester might have a conscience!

The breaking news this morning is that Royal Bank of Scotland boss, Stephen Hester, has done the honourable thing and turned down the bonus that he was due to get for being head of a public-owned company which has lost nearly three quarters of a million pounds in the last year.

William Wright, investment bank analyst for Financial News told the BBC: "It sets a very dangerous precedent for RBS.  It raises the level of political risk and political interference in the day-to-day running of RBS to what some people many consider to be intolerable levels.  It raises very serious questions about who actually is running RBS day to day . . .

Yes it does, doesn't it!  Finally the public outrage has been noticed and it sets a precedent for justice

Enough said . . .  but whooopeeeeeee!

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