Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Make no bones about it

Found on the pavement near the Hotel des Invalides in Paris last week, here is some humorous art.

Skeletons drawn on pavement in Paris, near the Hotel des Invalides.
Drawn by a skeleton staff?

Let's make no bones about it.  It's quite innovative isn't it. 

Speaking of Paris, one of the lovely people who helped last week with the task of finding an apartment spoke English beautifully.  Just one small slip amused me.  You may know that the H at the beginning of most words in French is silent, as in the English word 'honest'.

Its quite funny to hear the word 'honest' pronounced with a very-pronounced and audible Huh sound at the beginning.  I smiled to myself and wished that my French was as good as her English.

English has its own faux-amis!

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