Sunday, 2 September 2012

Band of bloggers

Sometimes I find a blog which looks promising, but simply needs a little help getting started.  I like to encourage others to get started in this game, join the Band of Bloggers, and have explained to a few people how blogging works.

Recently I found a promising site that could become a useful resource, even though other aggregating sites (like this one) do exist already (albeit with slightly different functions).

Atheist Blogs Aggregated

has made a good start by collecting some interesting links and I suggest a quick visit for the content.   Sadly though, the quirks of the excellent Blogger software have prevented the author, Joe, from getting his rss feed links and other useful features working.

I tried to e-mail him at the address that I inferred from the text at the bottom, but eventually get a permanent failure message back.

So if anyone knows Joe, please leave a comment below and let me know how to help him out.

In the meantime I will give a shout out for some great atheist blogs (apart from this one of course) that he could add to his aggregation. 

Rosa Rubicondior
A Million Gods
Steve Zara's Posterous
Lady Atheist
Martin S Pribble 
957Chatterton Antitheism
Nuts and Reason
The Malcontent's Gambit

Click away!

Incidentally, I used to think that Reddit was a good service to help with this, but seemingly it is now being run by a bunch of tyrants who despise anyone with an opinion taking the time to write about atheism.  More on this next, in Redditing revealed - Iesvs the spoil-sport.

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