Saturday, 22 September 2012

Charging for secularism pays

I'm on the train to London again this morning, just like last Saturday.  This time I am going to a conference called Secularism 2012, organised by the National Secular Society.

I think it is highly amusing that this event is sold out, and 800 people have actually paid to be there to hear some great speakers.  By contrast, last week's March for a Secular Europe was free to attend, but fewer people took the opportunity to have a lovely sunny day outside and hear some other great speakers.

What an odd world!

The other interesting observation is that Secularism 2012 is such good value for money.  At just over £30 - including lunch - it is much cheaper than any day events that I attend professionally.  They tend to cost at least £250, and lunch is extra.

Small note: I understand that the extra price for professional conferences isn't all profit - but still ... 

A short account of the great event can be found here.  A wonderful day out.

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