Monday, 13 August 2012

What UK homeopaths do not want you to know

Having been fleeced by homeopaths in my more believing past (to the value of a few hundred pounds in total), and having been banned from a notable web homeopath's web site for asking perfectly polite questions, I feel that I have an axe to grind.

A few weeks ago the following letter was published on Andy Lewis's excellent site The Quackometer.

As Andy points out, The Society of Homeopaths seems rather keen that you do not see this.  Therefore I feel that it is my moral duty to defy their wishes and reproduce the letter that they sent out to their members, explaining how they have been lobbying for an exclusion to the new law that is being introduced all around Europe.  It seems that the Department of Health has re-assured them a little, but fortunately government departments are not at liberty to issue warrants to break the law, and complaints are very likely to be upheld.

Society meets ministerial team

Dear xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your continued support with the consolidation and review of the medicines act 1968 MP Letter writing campaign.

As you know, the Society and partners have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to represent members and their best interests in this matter, including taking a leading role on engagement with the Government.

On Wednesday of this week the current campaign resulted in a meeting between our representatives and the Ministerial team from the Department of Health.

The good news is that the Department of Health continues to be in favour of patient choice and access to homeopathy as it currently stands and recognises the potential impact to patients, practitioners and homeopathic pharmacies of any changes to the way the Act is enforced.

Although during the meeting it was discussed that Section 10 would not be part of the consolidation process it was highlighted that current levels of enforcement of the act would continue in the way it has done for the past 40 years and therefore would not seek to restrict the current homeopathic provision/access routes.

To amend Section 10 it would require a unique consultation process and could therefore not form part of the consolidation process.

The Society, together with partners will continue to engage with the relevant Ministers. When the review has continued through the legislative process the Minister has offered to meet with us again to review the situation.

Nearly every MP has now been contacted and I would like to thank those members that have written to and in some cases visited their MPs to highlight the relevant issues.

Parliament is due to recess on the 17th July and we will keep you fully abreast of the situation and let you know of any further action and next steps needed in due course.

In the interim thank you for your continued support

Best regards

Phil Edmonds
Society of Homeopaths

Please note this email is intended for Society Members only and we would kindly ask for this email not to be re-produced.

I would like to think that homeopathy is in for a rough time over the next few months.


Revelation Now said...

Here comes the stupid train! Choo choo!

So, forgive my ignorance, but what does this actually mean for Homeopaths and their industry?

I'm not sure what Section 10 might refer to, but it appears that the consultation process must now be altered to involve a licensed medical practitioner. Is that correct?

Plasma Engineer said...

10(4)(a) of the Medicines Act 1968 is what the letter refers to. It requires that unlicensed homeopathic medicines must be purchased face to face at a homeopathic pharmacy but has not been enforced. There is a good chance that those of us who object to being cheated of money might raise questions about the claims of homeopaths, and one obvious approach for us is to question this aspect of their practice. There is a good chance that the 'homeopathic pharmacies' will not be able to continue in business, at least in the way that they have operated so far.

Plasma Engineer said...

This link might help: