Friday, 10 August 2012

2012's English Crop Circles

The (modern) English summer tradition of abstract art in the fields might have been affected by the poor weather.  One of the benefits of the cool wet season that we have had is that the harvest is only now being taken in, so the crop circle season has been longer than usual.  I'm not certain that the the yield for 2012 has been of a particularly notable quality though.

The web site Temporary Temples has several excellent galleries of some quite fascinating patterns including this picture of one of this year's more impressive crop of circles.

Follow the link to Temporary Temples
for an impressive array of photos by Steve Alexander.

Whether you happen to believe that these are the work of aliens or not, you can still enjoy wondering how some of the designs were implemented in a field on a dark night by a few folks with ropes and stomping boards (or indeed by bored alien visitors if you prefer).

This one is of the classic six point symmetry that (apparently) is easily set out, but some of the features of the inner triangle are quite subtle.  It turns out that it was made in two phases, as you can see at this link, on Crop Circle Connector, which is another site with many photos from different photographers.

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