Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tracks on the moon

You may have heard rumours that the American astonauts never landed on the moon.  Certainly some of the stories are convincing at first sight.  Distrusting governments a little, as many of us do, it is tempting to believe that there is no smoke without fire.  At one time I found some of the arguments more convincing than others.  Pictures like this seem like obvious fakes.

Moon landing hoax - crosshairs and flag
Crosshairs hidden behind a flapping flag - allegedly!

As time goes on though, it become increasingly surprising that nobody has spoken out about the apparent fraud.  OK - they might have been 'silenced'.  But all of them?  How many people would have had to know what was going on to perpetrate fraud on that scale.  Surely someone with nothing to lose would have spoken out by now.

Besides that, nobody could possibly believe that the launch of all those Saturn 5 rockets was faked.  And launching a machine of that sort of size into orbit must have been one of the hardest aspects of the missions.

It would be sad if the conspiracy theories were true wouldn't it?  Photos like this might help to restore your faith, if you ever doubted the veracity of the moon landings.  Over the next few years it would be surprising if we don't get many more pieces of evidence like this, as other countries succeed in putting probes into lunar orbit, with ever increasing camera resolution, and ever more reason to wish to embarrass USA in the event that the tracks are not where they are supposed to be.

Apollo 12 landing site
Tracks left on the moon by Apollo 12.

You can get pictures of all the landing sites, taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at this amazing web site.  e.g.  Apollo 11, Apollo 12Apollo 14Apollo 15Apollo 16Apollo 17.

The moon hoax conspiracy theorists would have had a field day if someone had photographed the landing point for Apollo 13! 

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