Sunday, 19 August 2012

21 Questions for Muslims

Following on from the popular post 21 Questions for Christians, here is a set of questions for Muslims.  You might recognise some of the questions from the previous post, but they apply here just as well.

Ask you about Islam? OK I will!
Ask you about Islam? OK I will!

  1. If you had to choose which comes first, Islam or the laws of the state, what is the role of sharia in a non-Islamic country, and which law takes precedence? And do Muslims have to opt in or opt out?
  2. Are you allowed to ask questions about Islam and if not, how can you ever learn about anything?  ("O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith." (Surah 5:101-102). )
  3. Is the Qu'ran literally true and infallible?  It is so ambiguous that it is hard to argue this, but many of you do attempt to.
  4. Which verses and surah of the Qu'ran are abrogated?  If you made this clear then it would be . . . well . . . clear! 
  5. In your mosque, in what roles would it be acceptable for women to participate on an equal footing with men?
  6. What does Islam teach about homosexuality, and what are the consequences for the participants?
  7. What does Islam teach about apostasy, and what are the consequences for those who attempt to leave Islam?
  8. What do you know about the pagan origins of the black stone of the Ka'ba?  In the bible, written long before Islam was invented, Acts 19:35 mentions the goddess Diana/Artemis and a meteorite.  Does this sound familiar?
  9. Does hell exist, so that merciful Allah can torture us for ever?
  10. Did humans and apes evolve from a common ancestor?
  11. If Jesus was really rescued from the cross by an angel, wouldn't someone else have mentioned it long before the Qu'ran was written?
  12. How old is the world? (just roughly)
  13. If Allah created the universe just for us, why did he waste so much effort on the other stars and galaxies which we can never hope to reach?
  14. At what moment is the soul created?  (If at conception, please explain what happens to mono-zygotic twins.)
  15. If Islam is a religion of peace, why is there so much talk of jihad?  The inner struggle is different, as you well know, and if you use this argument then you are indulging in taqiyya again!
  16. How often have you personally used taqiyyah - lying for Islam - in your dealing with non-Muslims?
  17. If women are equal in Islam, why is it that all the spokesmen are men,and yet the most noticeable women are the apostates? (like Ayaan Hirsi Ali)
  18. If women are equal in Islam, why does the word of one man count as much as the word of two women?
  19. You probably know that progress in science was led by Islamic scholars for centuries.  Why did that progress falter and die? (If you doubt that it died, then see here.)
  20. Do you really believe in flying horses that can see in the dark?

And finally, question 21 which is the most important of all:

If you are a moderate Muslim who claims that Islam is the religion of peace, why do you not publicly call out the extremists?

It would be easy for you to do this but you don't seem to do it nearly often enough. 


Anonymous said...

1) Muslims must obey Sharia. If the laws of the state are different, Muslims must still obey Sharia. If the state persecutes Muslims for following Sharia, then Muslims should strike back.

2) You learn by reading the Qu'ran.

3) Yes.

4) Any verse which is contradicted by one that comes after it chronologically is abrogated. Only the most recent applies.

5) Women are not on equal footing with men.

6) Kill them.

7) Kill them.

8) It stopped being pagan when we took it. It is now Islamic.

9) Yes.

10) Yes, both were created from Allah.

11) No, just as they also didn't mention holy Sharia.

12) The Quran does not say.

13) They glorify Allah.

14) When you accept Islam.

15) All nonbelievers are wicked and persecute Muslims. For the world to be at peace, the unbelievers must convert or die, or pay in submission.

16) In defense of Islam, nothing spoken is a lie. Islam is the truth, and anything that leads others to it is truthful.

17) Women are not equal in Islam.

18) Women are not equal in Islam.

19) No further science was needed once Islam was accepted.

20) Yes.

21) The moderates fight politically, not physically.

Plasma Engineer said...

Blogger marked the above as spam, and it was probably right as I doubt it was written by a Muslim. However, these are broadly the answers that many would expect from Islam if taqiyyah was not so common.

Would anyone like to set things right?

Anonymous said...

I especially like #21. Where are those "Moderate muslims?"

Why are they not publically condemning the terroristspolitically and verbally?

I think "moderate muslim" is an oxymoron.

GregoryCool said...

"O ye who believe! Ask not questions about things which if made plain to you, may cause you trouble. Some people before you did ask such questions, and on that account lost their faith." (Surah 5:101-102)

So if you ask questions, you may lose your faith? Well, well, well. How convenient is that? Allah and the Qu'ran are obviously unable to stand up to scientific, moral and social scrutiny.

sebeh012001 said...

taqiyah bukanlah akidah seorang muslim, Rasulullah menganjurkan umatnya untuk berkata jujur walaupun berat siksaan yang diterima.

bisa di baca ketika Bilal Bin Rabah ditindih batu besar ketika dia menyatakan keIslamannya.


sebeh012001 said...

taqiyah lebih banyak mengarah kepada aliran sesat Ahmadiyah, dimana kebohongan kepada selain pengikutnya merupakan ibadah

coba baca

mohon maaf sebelumnya, saya adalah umat Islam dari Indonesia, saya menjawab dan memberikan sumber referensi dengan bahasa Indonesia.