Saturday, 7 July 2012

Things Christians say, part 23: The banana

A weekly series of responses to the things Christians say to atheists, based on the video reproduced here on 30th January 2012.  The aim is to tackle one every weekend, to give both a moderate, polite response to each question ('Piano'), followed by a more forceful rebuttal of the same question ('Forte'). 

The banana!


The banana is sometimes seen to be evidence of the existence of god.  Some people claim that bananas:
  • Are shaped for human hand (just like the grip of a pistol then?)
  • Have non-slip surface (unless you stand on a discarded skin)
  • Have outward indicators of inward content: Green - too early, Yellow - just right, Black - too late (true, I hear)
  • Have a tab for removal of wrapper (although some cultures - and chimpanzees -  start from the other end)
  • Have a perforated wrapper (well - strictly not perforated as there are no holes in the skin)
  • Have a bio-degradable wrapper (but have you seen how slowly they degrade?)
  • Are shaped for the human mouth (and for inappropriately suggestive in photographs of people sucking them)
  • Have a point at top for ease of entry (see previous comment, but aside from that, the point is no use after it has been bitten off!)
  • Are pleasing to taste buds (although not universally - I can't stand the taste or texture)
  • Are curved towards the face to make eating process easy (except when you turn them round, when they are curve away and become much more difficult to eat)
Apparently, to say that the banana happened by accident is even more unintelligent than to say that no one designed the Coca Cola can.

Has anyone heard of Poe's Law?



I just roll on the floor laughing!  Even if it is true, which god does it prove?

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Sam said...

Much more amusing of course is that the modern banana that Christians cite are the result of human genetic engineering. Wild bananas are completely inedible, and a completely different shape. The bananas we eat have no seeds because the only way we continue to grow them is via cloning.