Sunday, 22 July 2012

Incoherent Comments

I like to get your comments and thank anyone who takes time to write them.  However, I've decided to make a small change to my policy on comments on Something Surprising.

Don't worry - everyone can still contribute.

Recently I have had so many comments of the following ilk:

Cool blog . . .   I don't know how I ended up here . . .  (or My cousin recommended . . . )  I'll be visiting often in future . . .  I wish I could write as well as you . . .  How do you focus your mind before writing . . .  I wish people would write more on this topic . . .

Almost always they end up with a spurious link to See my site at . . . [this location].

They usually get automatically marked as spam and don't appear on the blog post, but they still fill my e-mail inbox and they arrive often enough to annoy me.  So now I have set blogger to request the contributor to recognise a word.

To those of you who have left comments that have been erroneously marked as spam, please don't give up.  I patrol the spam folder once every few days and with this new policy there should be fewer real spam messages to sort through to find the real gems.

Today's real post is coming later.  this one is just a news update.

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