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Amazing Hitchslap Index: part 8

Here is the next instalment of 'The Amazing Hitchslap Index', summarising the content of the next 7 of the 66 'Hitchslaps' uploaded to Youtube by Loy Machedo as explained here.  For each Hitchslap, I summarise the content in the form of direct quotations and summaries, list co-stars and 'authorities' called upon.  This series should help you to find that one perfect Hitchslap to send to someone who you are debating.

Hitchslap 52 Religious nastiness and menace!

Hitchslap 52 Religious cowards. 2:54
Change in the zeitgeist.  Large audience now for resistance to clerical bullying and religious lecturing and self-righteousness and nastiness and menace.
We've had about enough of all this
Pope – having just repudiated limbo after a long struggle – says we need to teach the children more about hell.
Limbo was a real place for those parents who thought that was where their poor kids had gone.
Oh by the way – we were wrong about this, but we are now ready to be infallible all over again . . . teach the children more about hell.
Maladjusted elderly virgins.
“No child's behind left.”
AIDS in Africa may be bad but nothing like as bad as a condom.
Will not have people who want to bring on Armageddon and destruction - should recognise them as enemies.
‘Co-stars’: None
Cited: To celebrate my birthday, Dawkins , Dennett, Harris

Hitchslap 53 National day of wishful thinking. 6:36
First amendment written with admirable clarity.
Would it unite the nation if it was a day of Hindu prayer or Muslim prayer?  You know what day of prayer it is – it is a day of prayer for Christians
It would be a tyranny of the majority.
Whatever judge said that this would be unconstitutional would be incorrect.
Can you tell me what date this national day of prayer originated? (1988)
Obama administration is afraid of being accused of being socialist and secular.
‘Co-stars’: Tony Perkins
Cited: George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin

Hitchslap 54 A clash of civilizations. 3:13
[Clash of civilisation between Islam and the west is inevitable?]  Yes.
A great number of Muslims are violently annoyed by our policy and thus we are 'less safe' however that is estimated.
Does going to war make one more safe? One asks a question that is flat-out incoherent.
e.g. Denmark – small European multicultural democracy with no history of imperialism in the middle east – has its embassies burned and its diplomatic immunity violated.  Well organised attempt by several leading Arab governments to destroy the quite vulnerable Danish economy because the Danish prime minister will not break the law to ban the publication of cartoons.
Those who say 'don't make enemies' in those conditions are being flat-out masochistic.  We can avoid their ire just as long as we destroy everything that makes our society different from theirs. 
Well I'm not ready to do that
I would rather fight it out – if it takes all my life.
‘Co-stars’: None 

Hitchslap 55 If religious leaders are as uneducated as this guy. 8:48
Christian nation is a meaningless statement.
Declaration of independence mentions a creator but does not say that this creator intervenes.
Many christians are full of doubt and skepticism.
Those having no faith are the fastest growing group.
Wall of separation between church and state.
Jefferson Bible cuts out all references to the divinity of Jesus.
George Washington would not take communion.
I don't have a constitutional right to be theologically wrong.  I don't require your permission.
USA's founding documents are secular.  If you don't know that you don't know anything.
Our worst enemy in the world is very obviously a faith based one.
Our enemy is no longer godless communism but the most godly imaginable group.
‘Co-stars’: Ken Blackwell
Cited: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Meacham

Hitchslap 56 Sean Hannity is a cock smith.  4:54
An atheist says that there is no evidence to believe that there is a god but they may wish it were true.
I'm anti-theist because I think it would be rather awful if it was true.
Permanent total around the clock divine supervision.
Watched controlled and supervised by some celestial entity
Its only after death that the real fun begins isn't it.
You give the awful impression of someone who has not read any of the arguments against your position ever. 
One planet in this petty solar system that can support life some of the time on some of its surface.
99% of species extinct already.  This is some design isn't it?
Our minds demand – we look for patterns.
Not angry with god - obviously – that would be absurd!
Contempt and hostility to constant religious intimidation and clerical bullying to which we are being subjected.
Pope says "Limbo may have been a mistake but let's talk about hell".
I am very hostile to this
It is innately irrational.
If you reduce religion to social work then so does USAID do all that, actually rather more convincingly.
‘Co-stars’: Sean Hannity
Cited: The Pope

Hitchslap 57 Zionism. 2:07
Idea of building a state of Jewish farmers on Arab land in the middle east was a silly messianic, superstitious, nationalist idea.
Many states are founded on injustices or foolishness but it doesn't mean that people can just come and evict or destroy them
It was a waste of Judaism and guaranteed a quarrel with the Arabs
Trying to make Jews into peasants – already a silly idea.
Guaranteed injustice to the Arabs.
4th generation of Palestinians being brought up in exile or dispossession or under occupation and in humiliation
Something has to be done to redress . . .
Have been writing in favour of a Palestinian homeland all my life.
If Jews born in Brooklyn have a right to a state in Palestine then Palestinians born in Jerusalem have a right to one?
‘Co-stars’: Unknown interviewer, (Carter von Riedel)
Cited: George Bush

Hitchslap 58 A threat to everyone! 3:03
Can't tell whether the Koran is the work of god or not.
Can hope that this was a bad day for god and I can hope to live in a country where I can say that and get applause.
I don't like the idea of a paradise reward for martyrs.
Are the Jews ever going to be forgiven for rejecting two messiahs in a row?
Couldn't say this everywhere in Europe. 
All of this has been done to us by the wrong Muslims  Let's get rid of them and have an honest discussion about the texts and the reader.
Is this the culture that Islam wants us to have in relation to it?  One of pre-emptive submission and pre-emptive cowering backed by the fear of force.  That is not multi-culturalism.  Nothing like the gorgeous mosaic.
Have to look rather askance on a religion whose preachers openly make threats against people like us.
Where is the authoritative statement of moral outrage saying that this is not acceptable behaviour for followers of the prophet?  I missed it.
‘Co-stars’: None

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