Sunday, 29 April 2012

Beautiful Minds - a treat for Dawkins fans

I can't be sure whether this Youtube video will play in your location, and I have a suspicion that it might be taken down quite soon, but if you are a fan of Richard Dawkins then this is a treat that you should watch as a high priority.

Watch it soon!  You have been warned.


krissthesexyatheist said...

It works for me in super sunny Nor Cal. thanks.


Dubravko J. said...

Hah, I just watched this yesterday - it's really great!

Hilary Forbes said...

I actually watched the whole program a few days ago on the tv. A very good program I thought, and very interested to see his background and the influences on his life. He actually comes across as quite a pleasant person on here which is really nice to see. I enjoyed watching. Amazing that someone has put it on youtube so quickly but then it has I am guessing been on tv before.

Robert Sanchez said...

Thanks for putting this up, great stuff. I didn't know anything about his life really.