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Amazing Hitchslap Index: part 5

Here is the next instalment of 'The Amazing Hitchslap Index', summarising the content of the next 7 of the 66 'Hitchslaps' uploaded to Youtube by Loy Machedo as explained here.  For each Hitchslap, I summarise the content in the form of direct quotations and summaries, list co-stars and 'authorities' called upon.  This series should help you to find that one perfect Hitchslap to send to someone who you are debating.

Hitchslap 29 - The world is full of 'pope types'

Hitchslap 29 Religion has no moral authority.  5:34
Certainly not going to criticise Islam for not having a pope
Christianity never had only one pope and still doesn't – Pope of the Coptic Christians, Eastern Orthodox Patriarch – christian world is full of pope-types
Impossible to have moral authority with religion.  The two things are so sharply divorced.
In case of the moral blackmail of Denmark . . . 
Then as Hitchslap 18  Link:
Cited: Yusef Al Karadawi, Prof Ramadan, Eastern Orthodox Patriarch, Coptic Pope

Hitchslap 30 Mother Teresa did not believe in god.  6:35
Moving and honest that she tried her best to believe.
Her atheism was not like mine.  I'm glad to think that it is not true that there is a dictator in the heavens and so the fact that there is no evidence for it pleases me.
Encouraged by cynical old men to carry on because she was a great marketing tool for her church.
That sounds like white noise . . . nonsense to me
If I had told you in 2001 that Mother Teresa didn't believe that Jesus was present in the eucharist . . . you would have accused me of slander.
You're not likely to be anybody's professor Mr Donahue.
[An Englishman has to be quiet when an Irishman talks]
Took money from the Duvalier family and Charles Keating
The great strength of the Catholic church used to be that it knew how to discipline fanatics, enthusiasts and zealots. 
Had to give her an exorcism in 1997
I turned out to be right though didn't I?
As Mr Donahue was trying and failing to say – his church has an answer for everything.
‘Co-stars’: Hardball debate, Bill Donahue
Cited: Mother Teresa, Lord Macauly, Duvalier family, Charles Keating, Archbishop of Calcutta

Hitchslap 31 Hitchens invited on fox to be spoken over.  4:39
Refugees from Iraqi terror gangs flooding back into Afghanistan to try their luck there.
Obama praised . . . more teachable, evolving towards my position
I'm sorry darling . . . 
McCain losing capacity – e.g. choice of running mate
Sarah Palin not even curious about foreign policy
‘Co-stars’: Fox News
Cited: Slate, Barrack Obama, Biden, Milosovitch, John McCain, Sarah Palin

Hitchslap 32 I hate religion.  4:22
I can't hate anyone in who's existence I don't really believe.
Ghastly ageing intolerant virgin
Eschewed the birth canal – or used it as a one way street.
All religions have one thing in common, hatred of the genitalia, especially the female, and I don't share this view.
Texts themselves say what they say.
Take no thought for the morrow because the world is coming to an end really soon and nothing else matters.
Islam (Hadith) says that apostates are to be killed.
Fundamentalists have the original texts on their side.
As long as these texts are respected we are always in danger of a revival of the most poisonous toxic horrible stuff.
Millions of grieving parents thought their children were in limbo for ever because they had not been baptised.
Aids in Africa is of course very bad but not as bad as condoms in Africa.
Pascal's Wager
‘Co-stars’: Red Eye, Fox News
Cited: Pope, Pascal

Hitchslap 33 Shirley Williams is a disgrace.  3:20
[Is Salman Rushdie's knighthood an insult to muslims worldwide.]
I think that's a contemptible statement and that everyone who applauded it should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
What do we have that is better than our language?
An author who had sparked a renaissance of writing, produced a whole new branch of English literature.
Tariq Ramadan said that the protests in Pakistan are purely a matter of violent vicious internal politics.
It shouldn't have been our high commissioner who was called in by the Pakistani government – we should have hauled in the envoy of Pakistan and told him “Stop that right now or do without all the aid we give you”.
We won't have talk of murder for the writing of novels
Sullen resentful boring atmosphere in this room!
‘Co-stars’: BBC 'Question Time'?
Cited: Tariq Ramadan, Shirley Williams

Hitchslap 34 Randel Terry.  1:45
Have been sitting here in this chair listening to you being a megaphone for fraud
Are you asking me or telling me?
Encouraging extremists and religious fanatics like Randel Terry
Cited: Michael Schiver, Randel Terry
Hitchslap 35 Jerry Falwell was scum. 
. . . giving me the opportunity to be rude about a man on the day he is buried.
Do you want to spend all your time whimpering about what I have said?
That has been true of every fraud in history
Believed in the rapture, creationism, that the Antichrist was a Jewish male who is already amongst us.
May have been both a hypocrite and a bigot.
It shows how much vulgarity fraud and bigotry you can get away with on mainstream airwaves as long as you have the word reverend in front of your name.
‘Co-stars’: Paula Zahn, Eric Metaxis
Cited: Jim and Tanny Bakers
Hitchslap 36 Scientology and Mormonism are obvious rackets
.  3:24
Know a lot of people who do not try to profit from religion.
Racketeering is and always has been an important part of religion.
Some religions simply ARE rackets , e.g. Scientology and Mormonism.
Nothing more than the record of a successful con job.
They don't know any more than you do whether there was a virgin birth.
Asking us to believe their propensity to faith.
Then on to Billy Graham as in Hitchslap 09.
‘Co-stars’: In Depth
Cited: Billy Graham

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