Friday, 21 October 2011

End of the World?

This is the date set by Harold Camping for the end of the world.

The rapture happened on May 21st as predicted by Harold Camping.  See my blog post Judgement Day this week!

The Thinking Atheist covered the rapture event humorously in this Youtube video

Obviously only the very best christians were taken up to heaven, and the fact that nobody noticed any difference meant that none of us knew any of them.  Even the pope has been seen since then.  I suspect that heaven will not be terribly busy.

Other christians tell me that they never believed any of this.  Nor did I.

Of course, predictions of the end of the world are not uncommon throughout history.

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Tony the slightly unbalanced genius said...

Okay, I am guessing that the end of the world follows GMT and maybe I am being a little premature in my skepticism as there is still around 11 hours of the day to go.
Assuming, that today will end just as any other we still have the next "end of the world" to look forward to.
I understand that we have only to wait until next year for this and the 21/12/12, the end of the Masoamerican (Mayan) long count calender.
Actually the math behind the calender count system is fascinating, take a look,
So, for the adrenalin junkies out there that want to really live on the edge I suggest doing some really bad stuff the day before and hope that the prediction is correct.