Sunday, 23 October 2011

National Secular Society takes BBC to task

Terry Sanderson of the UK's National Secular Society has been examining the spending of the BBC and found that the cuts to its budget apply in almost all areas of activity.  But for some reason, the religious activities are ring-fenced.

He writes:

In all the reports I saw, there was no mention of the religious propaganda department, which is based in Manchester and produces such wildly popular programmes as Thought for the Day, Pause for Thought, Songs of Praise and endless church services on BBC Radio 4. The last time we checked, using a Freedom of Information request, this department was gobbling up £10 million of licence-payers’ money each year.
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Similarly, it has often been suggested that the UK's National Health Service wastes a lot of valuable funds on hospital chaplains.

The armed forces have now been found to be doing the same.

So . . . it seems that it is swingeing cuts for everyone - unless related to religions!


Dobbin said...

It's obviously some kind of insurance policy.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Sunday half hour hymn slot is now an hour long.