Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Rosa's Ten Plagues

Fellow blogger, Rosa Rubicondior (@RosaRubicondior) has written a witty, informative and incisive account of the events leading up to the Exodus.

She writes:

  1.  All the water turned into blood.  The Egyptians never recorded this.  Nothing happened.
  2. Frogs.  Millions of frogs!  The Egyptians didn’t notice them either, so nothing happened.
  3. Lice.  Nothing.
  4. Flies.  Still Nothing.
  5. Pestilence to kill all the livestock.  Nothing.
  6. Boils. Even the livestock... er... see 5 above.
  7. Thunder and hail.  [Shrug]
  8. Locusts. Now this is just being silly.  Still nothing.
  9. Make it dark for 3 days.  You’ve guessed it. Nothing.  Not even a marginal note in the official records.
  10. Kill all the ‘first born’, even the ‘maidservant behind the mill’ (what did she do?), and even the livestock, yet again.  (And the Hebrews find lambs to sacrifice... even though they all died in the fifth plague).
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I loved the comment about the lambs in number 10!


RosaRubicondior said...

Thank you kind sir.

Exodus, like Genesis, is a treasure trove of stupidity and poorly though-out plot lines so unlikely it's amazing that anyone, even the Bronze Age nomadic goat-herders, ever took it seriously.

It just lampoons itself.

Anonymous said...

Well, Actually, I take it seriously, as do many Christian and Jewish believers. I believe it to be a historically true account.

apocolypz said...
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Plasma Engineer said...

@apocolypz Whilst I agree with your view that @Forbsy takes the literal truth of Exodus too seriously, and whilst I value comments here, we really don't need to use ad hominem attacks against intelligent people who we happen to disagree with. With regret I have removed the content of your message. If you would like to re-post something with this in mind I would probably not delete it again. Thank you.

RosaRubicondior said...


I assume your belief in the historical accuracy of Exodus is based on evidence?

If so, where may this be seen, please?

If not, upon what is your belief based?

I would also be interested in the reasoning which concludes that livestock which was killed in the fifth plague was available for the plague of boils and then again to be sacrificed to provide the lamb's blood which protected the Hebrews from the 'Angel of Death' in the tenth.